D.O.B : 12/12/1991

Nationality : American

Home Mountain: Sierra Nevada Mountains

Favorite Terrain: Peaceful, powdery tree runs

Snowboarding Since: 1997

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I grew up in the city of San Francisco, deeply entrenched in the skateboard and art cultures which I think ultimately sparked my interest in snowboarding.

I first started snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in ‘97 and everything just sort of clicked, it quickly became an obsession. Growing up in a busy city, snowboarding was an escape into a quieter state of mind and represented a sense of freedom. The freedom to ride down a mountain where everything is up to you and you are in control of the entire experience.

My inspiration has evolved over the years from the actual act of riding- the high energy rush, to now seeking feelings of calmness in nature and the excitement of exploring mountains. What’s driving the future of snowboarding for me now is the endless potential of obscure mountains and terrain, the infinite potential of experience and the process of creatively showcasing various feelings, concepts and adventures.



I view snowboarding now more as a way of life than just an activity. For me it’s a mindset of going with the flow, adapting and always striving for new experiences.

It’s about looking inward and outward; snowboarding is a great vehicle to explore life. I used to feel this sense of urgency to ride as much as possible but now I am learning to slow down and enjoy the long ride- to really take in the whole year, understand and enjoy the changing seasons and what they each provide.

To just be in nature is the ultimate reward, whether that’s snowboarding in winter or surfing and climbing in the summer and fall.



Family is huge for me, spending time with my partner in crime- doing the things we love. We live in such an amazing place, surrounded by mountains to climb, close to an ocean to surf and deserts to roam.

Climbing really helps keep the mind sharp and that translates back into snowboarding. I work mainly in video production and absolutely love it.

Hard work, creative challenges, endless opportunities to learn. I’m always trying to find life’s balance, that’s the fun part I suppose!