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To the FW Movers: You are the hard-working industry professionals who value the highest-quality products as much as you value the outdoor spaces in which you thrive and play. You, like us, believe that quality is sustainability. Creating quality gear that lasts and lasts is only the first step we take in reducing our impact. And as a show of appreciation to you, the discerning outdoors person and industry pro, we extend a special discount on select FW products. To be eligible to join the FW Thinkers, you must actively be working in one of the following roles:

- Snow sports instructor

- Ski patroller

- Mountain guide

- Search & rescuer

- Refuge keeper

- National park employee

- Outdoor media-person

- Outdoor industry professional

If you are eligible to join the FW Movers, please fill in the form below to get started. It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. By submitting your application, you consent to the FW Movers’ terms and conditions as well as to FW processing your email address and sending you e-newsletters relating to our products, sales, promotions and films, all in accordance with FW’s Privacy Policy. That Policy explains how FW goes to great lengths to protect your personal data and also lists who to contact in the case that you have any questions.


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