Matthew Bourne

December 16 2019


The Food Trails film project initiated by Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW) tackles the impact of our daily diet on the climate and proposes a positive approach to environmental protection.

POW Switzerland ambassadors including skiers & snowboarders, gathered for a weekend combining a passion for skiing and sustainability. Our common objective: to raise awareness about the environmental impact of food.


The POW crew made it to Maighelshütte SAC by train and then by foot. Carrying with us, locally and seasonally sourced organic, vegetarian food for all of the hut’s guests. This transport method avoided the use of helicopters which are typically required for the transport of food and rubbish.

The weekend was a huge success, with fantastic snow enjoyed and ideas exchanged about sustainability in the Swiss Mountaineering Community.

A love of nature is a key value of our brand. We respect the mountains that surround us and are committed to take positive actions for our planet, from day one. We are continually making improvements in sustainability and circular business.

• We use less impactful materials that have proven to be both functional and durable, e.g. Primaloft Black Eco Insulation and many recycled yarns.

• 1% of all FW sales are donated to NGO’s taking action against climate change

• FW gear is built to last, and also built to repair. From day one, we offer a repair program to FW fans with the intention to extend product life. (Read More)



Protect Our Winters (POW) was founded in the USA in 2007 and set up shop in Switzerland in 2017.

POW turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. We lead a community of athletes, activists and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic solutions to climate change.

POW focuses on engaging with the outdoor community to reduce its ecological footprint and the climate organization leverages its influence to support companies and institutions transition to a more sustainable business. With the help of its allies, the NGO is using its voice to advocate for a stringent Swiss climate policy.


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