Clara Zahe

May 07 2020

Q&A with Sevi Van Der Meer


Sevi is a backcountry freestyle snowboarder from Zurich, Switzerland. His home mountain is Laax - a spot with endless opportunities for creativity in the park and way out into the backcountry. Sevi joined FW in 2019 and has been testing out the gear this past winter.

This season, Sevi has travelled through the Swiss Alps and into XXX, filming, riding and having an excellent time. We know you’ve all got a bunch of questions for Sevi, but we thought we would get in first with a few of our own. FW’s Q & A, and your Instagram Ask Me Anything questions are laid out below for your reading pleasure.

Sevi, how was this past season? Can you give us a hint about what you’re working on?

Its the first year, after filming for absinthe, that I’m working on an own (conceptual) project together with my friends from Hillton. I wanted to create something unique. That’s why I really wanted to have Hillton involved cuz I knew that they know how to create something special. It all started with an idea and than the hole process of just letting it flow to kinda know of what we wanna do to finally be on the mountain and capturing it. Sure it is nice to just go up and see what’s good to ride but it was good to mix it up and have an idea of what we want. Well it wasn’t the best snow year as you all know and than trying to film some natural backcountry stuff took a lot of effort and was most of the time impossible. But having the best dudes around makes you forget how the conditions are and just enjoy what you have. Huge shoot out to Willyboy aka Willem Jones who spent this winter cuddling in a double bed, drinking some bruskies or holding the camera on us!

To cut this short we are working on a short film coming out in fall 2021

What has been your favorite place to ride this winter and what made it so special?

We spent a lot of time exploring the terrain in and around Laax, riding the parks while waiting for the snow. I haven’t really spent that much time there the last few years. Such an insane terrain, best vibe and best people around! So definitely my favorite place to shred and hangout!

When you’re not snowboarding what do you do?

I really got into climbing lately, love any kind of adventure, love to surf, skate and hanging out with friends and family. If been working on the interior design of my car a bit. Just made new curtains and I’m about to color them with curcuma to a nice natural yellow.

When did you start snowboarding and how did you progress into the realm of professional snowboarding?

Started 20 years ago and I’m hooked since. Always just wanted to ride with my friends get inspired by them and enjoy the time in the mountains. Thats what I did about 5 years ago and at one point Nicolas asked me if I wanna film for Absinthe which sure was a big step for me and dreams got real.

What have been some of your favorite film projects that you’ve worked on so far?

„After Forever“ by Absinthe films, „Soft“ by Hitsch Haller, „BronzeAge“ by Beyondmedals.

What gear have you been riding on this season and what should fans be most excited about for products dropping in Fall 2020?

The whole 3L line from FW including the puffies are fresh AF! Ride will drop a hole new binding line, my absolute favorite is the C-8.

 Yew, stay safe! - Sevi

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